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 Holy crap, I may be buying a house. I mean, I'm at the very first step - I've told my realtor I want to put in an offer (well, bid, actually...) on this one house. It's not my dream house. YET. The strengths of this house: it's where I want it to be. It has the front porch I've been wanting. It has the space I need in it. And its price is such that I will have a pretty good amount of freedom to DO STUFF to it. Stuff like knock out a window and turn it into French doors to the deck I'm going to build in the back yard. Stuff like totally redesigning the kitchen. Stuff like re-roofing it (which it'll need soon, I hear). And then I will have MY house, a house I've made into what I want it to be. And that is pretty awesome.

The whole process of buying it is going to be odd - it's a foreclosure, so I'm dealing with a bank, and a bidding process, and ridiculousness in general, but my realtor is awesome and knows what he's doing, so we will persevere. So maybe, just maybe, I'll have a house. A whole house. In which I will have a whole room as studio space. Seriously, this is such a huge draw for me. No more tiny corner of the living room for the art desk. An actual room in which I can build books or paint things or make stuff without it interfering with my main living space. I am so very excited about that.
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Guys, I want a porch. I don't exactly know why I have this love for them, though it's maybe a combination of the house I grew up in and the screened porches at Kanuga, but I want a porch. I'm looking at all these houses, and considering where my studio space goes, and closets, and kitchens (why do so many kitchens suck so much? Who puts the stove on the far opposite side of the kitchen from the main countertop and sink? WHY?) and all that, and I still just want a porch. I want a porch swing where I can sit with a date when I'm not ready to invite him/her in, but don't want the date to end. I want muggy evenings with cold lemonade and a book, and the window open so the cats can smell the outside. I want to watch thunderstorms under cover, but to get hit with raindrops when the wind blows hard enough. I want to have to sweep the inch-thick layer of pollen off in the spring so I can sit out there with a drink before dinner. I just... I want my porch.


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