May. 7th, 2009

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So tonight was juggling club night - only three regulars there, me, Ronnie, and Mike. But since we're all club passers, that's plenty to have some fun. Also had a mom and her kids for the first time - the third grader was getting six catches by the end, but his younger brother isn't quite coordinated enough yet to do much. He was fascinated by the club passing, though, so I think they both had a good time.

Clubs! Worked on doubles with Ronnie, then did some waltzing - my left hand passes still have a hitch in them, which I need to work on a bit since Ronnie and Jeff are both lefties, so it simplifies life a lot for them if more of us can work ambidextrously. Then Ronnie and I did a chunk of fast/slow, but since both of us learned with Jeff, we couldn't remember at first who threw to where. Turns out the slow person (who's waltzing) does parallel throws, while the fast person (doing 4-count) alternates, so does a cross-pattern, then a parallel, then a cross, etc. But they're always throwing from the same hand.

Then all 3 of us did some feed patterns with Ronnie as point, but it disintegrated fast, so we switched to Mike and me passing, Ronnie stealing. There's a cool one I want to learn where he catches the pass that's coming in, then walks the club diagonally across the pattern and delivers it to the other side on time. Requires a pause from whoever he stole it from, but looks really neat in practice. Mike and I did some playing with behind-the-backs during passing, since you can really do whatever you want for the 3 self counts, as long as your pass goes out at the right time.

And finally, Ronnie taught/(retaught) Mike and me wally walks - or, rather, half wallys because full ones are suicidal ways to learn. It's like a ninja move - you're passing one club with somebody who's got three - then you walk a pass over to them, catch the pass (from their right hand), place the club in an underhand move (to their left hand), swap the caught club to the other hand, steal their self throw (from their right hand), and place the club in their left hand, and then back out and continue passing. I finally got the place/swap/steal/place sequence, but my "place" is a bit more like a "fling," so I gotta work on this a bit more. We stayed late this time, which was unusual - I think I've left early for the past few because my hands got sore, but this time I was having so much fun I ignored the soreness. It was a good evening.


artkoala: koala drawing (Default)

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