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 Holy crap, I may be buying a house. I mean, I'm at the very first step - I've told my realtor I want to put in an offer (well, bid, actually...) on this one house. It's not my dream house. YET. The strengths of this house: it's where I want it to be. It has the front porch I've been wanting. It has the space I need in it. And its price is such that I will have a pretty good amount of freedom to DO STUFF to it. Stuff like knock out a window and turn it into French doors to the deck I'm going to build in the back yard. Stuff like totally redesigning the kitchen. Stuff like re-roofing it (which it'll need soon, I hear). And then I will have MY house, a house I've made into what I want it to be. And that is pretty awesome.

The whole process of buying it is going to be odd - it's a foreclosure, so I'm dealing with a bank, and a bidding process, and ridiculousness in general, but my realtor is awesome and knows what he's doing, so we will persevere. So maybe, just maybe, I'll have a house. A whole house. In which I will have a whole room as studio space. Seriously, this is such a huge draw for me. No more tiny corner of the living room for the art desk. An actual room in which I can build books or paint things or make stuff without it interfering with my main living space. I am so very excited about that.
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